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Aurastar has been an active participant in Smart Grid development since 2009, starting with construction of a traffic modeling tool built around the Use Cases for Wireless Communications across the Grid. These were established in the SG-Networks Task Force as a part of the Open SG forum sponsored primarily by the National Institute of Science and Technology (NIST). In that activity, alternative paths across a standardardized network diagram were analyzed with the tool developed by Aurastar.

More recently, Aurastar engineering has provided the synthesis, design, construction monitoring and FCC filing documents for multiple Smart Grid projects. In addition to the electrical grid, Aurastar brings expertise and insight into the information processing and communications challenges inherent in water and wastewater systems.

The IoT extends the Smart Grid to issues well beyond the purview of the Utility industry. This is illustrated well in the figure to the right, taken from the City of Las Vegas Department of Transportaion (DOT) Smart City Initiative.
Aurastar has recent experience of having synthesized a five-state wireless Smart Grid network utilizing five geographically licensed frequency bands. In addition, Aurastar brings the experience of having constructed a fifteen year plan for development of a Utility organization.

In short, Aurastar brings the ability to think strategically and execute in detail.

Considering the IoT as a logical extension of the Smart Grid, Aurastar is more than capable of providing consulting support and engineering services in the IoT arena.

  Conceptual System Diagram Developed within the SG-Networks Task Force under NIST