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Major issues within water systems are: 1. Security and 2. Valve Maintenance

In a perfect world, a fiber optic cable would be installed alongside every major fresh water pipeline. That would provide the bandwidth for video security monitoring of strategic processing points, and facilitate SCADA reporting of improperly set valves.

However, considering the age of most water infrastructure, fiber optics is a future enhancement, and the most logical vehicle for implementing SCADA and other services over area wide service areas is wireless communications.

Frequency Spectrum Selection

While loud voices will call for the use of cheap, unlicensed spectrum, these bands are growing rapidly, and interference over the long term is likely to be a major headache.

The wiser investment in spectrum to support these networks are those which have been auctioned by the FCC, where the utility has control over their wireless links, and interference can be managed.

Considering the long term expectred lifetime of Water systems, this is a minor contributor to the annual lifetime cost.

Aurastar brings solid experience and expertise in the development of SCADA systems and Smart Grid distributed network technologies. This includes wireless engineering in a wide variety of frequency bands, with particular expertise in the acquisition and utilization of auctioned spectrum.